Originally published in Popshot Magazine
Issue 16 2015

This was the initial concept for Song submitted shortly after receiving the poem. 

After the first read through the concept came to me almost immediately. I have found that instinct and inspiration often produce the strongest results. 

At one point in the drawing I had a snake skin nailed to the post, but the skin did not make the final. After talking with the art director we decided to take out the skin and replace it with bones pictured in the distance. The snakeskin may have been a more personal interpretation of the poems "skin of old love". The piece was already pushing at the edges of being too busy, so I had no problem letting go of the element.  

  Flats and color added in Photoshop  

Flats and color added in Photoshop  



  Final ink drawing   

Final ink drawing  

  The final

The final



Now is the time for mending,

the season I shed the dead

skin of old love,

so the heart can once again 

become a living thing.

I have been made small in the wake

of winter; I feel feverish & weather-worn

by a particularly soggy spring.

But there is a wren that flutters

inside my chest, trilling

louder than the murmurs of love

that doesn’t stay.

I feel the click of its beak

as it chips away at my sternum,


for the moment it breaks

through the bone

and hits the nerve that will send me

diving into the summer

with speed and delicacy

in search of new modes of destruction,

singing I have found a trajectory

that is my own.

 -Jon Lemay